Friday, October 2, 2009

Number 19: Podcasts

23 Things asks:
  • Which podcast(s) did you listen to?
  • Which of the directories did you find easiest to use?
  • Has this Thing inspired you to do any podcasting yourself or to subscribe to a podcast to listen to it regularly?

I used the directory to find the University of Oklahoma Libraries' podcast! I searched the podcast website for "libraries" and somehow that was the first item in the search results?? Maybe somehow knows my IP address and where I'm searching from. They must. Because I highly doubt that the OU Libraries' podcast is THE most relevant search item for "libraries" on the website. But, it was neat to see it on there. I was previously familiar with what podcasts are, and had subscribed to one or two through my iTunes account. But I'd never searched a directory for any and every kind of podcast. I thought it was neat. I also liked the way returned my results, and the way it described the various podcasts.

I had never considered using podcasts as a way to stay on top of library news, but this might be a good thing to do.

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